tr?link / tr?unlink

Forward translations from one channel to another.
This command allows forward automatically translated messages from one channel to another. This can also be configured to forward messages in all or specific languages.
Forward translations
Turn off forwarding


tr?link #channel-in #channel-out (optional list of #channel-outs) (optional list of languages)
Run tr?link #channel-in #channel-out to forward translations from #channel-in to #channel-out. Specify languages to only forward messages being translated to those languages.
At least two channels are required. The first channel is the "source" channel, the second channel (or more) are set as the channels to forward messages to.


tr?unlink #channel-in (optional list of #channel-outs)
Run tr?unlink #channel to turn off forwarding from that channel. You can also specify one or more #channel-outs to only remove forwarding between those channels.
Run "tr?link status" to see active forwarding settings


What is the difference between the tr?link and tr?channel commands?
Currently, the only difference is that tr?channel forwards messages from all channels instead of specific ones.
Where are the instructions for the command when I run the tr?help?
Run tr?link help for the instructions.
tr?link and tr?unlink information and command syntax.