Features in this section are part of a paid subscription.

Because of the potential load the commands in this section can have on the bot's server, they are paid commands that are included as part of a monthly subscription. The subscription costs $5 (USD) a month.

Along with the premium commands, benefits include faster auto translations and the ability to setup complex auto translate circuits for your server.

You must be an administrator of your server for the commands to work on that server.

Payments are currently done through Stripe and PayPal. The commands are enabled as soon as the payment process completes for the first month (which happens immediately).

How to enable premium/paid features

Visit https://smoogle.gg/premium and login to Discord. After logging in, it will take you back to the page where you can enable them through Stripe or PayPal.

Once you submit, it will create the subscription and charge for the first month, and the commands will instantly work on Discord.

How to cancel subscription

Canceling your subscription depends on the payment method used.

  • For PayPal, go to your PayPal account and cancel the subscription, which will automatically update the setting on the Discord side.

Please be sure you want to enable premium commands before doing so. Generally, I will not give refunds. I also reserve the right to cancel subscriptions for any reason, as well as the right to refuse or give refunds for any reason.

For any other questions, please create a ticket on the support server. Do not email.

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