Full Command List

Free Commands

These commands are free for an unlimited number of translations.





Translates a message to that language. Use ! to force it to use a source language.

?ja Hello ?ja !en How are you?


Auto translate messages from your account, by channel or server. Multiple languages can be set on paid plan only.

tr?auto ja tr?auto on ja tr?auto on ja #channel1 #channel2

tr?auto status

Check auto translate settings on your account

tr?auto off

Turns off auto translate that was turned on by tr?auto

tr?auto off

tr?auto off #channel1 #channel2


Get a list of valid language codes


Get help information


Diagnose issues that may cause the bot to not run properly on your server.


A "factory reset" of the bot. Removes all settings set by all commands (including premium commands) on your server.

Premium (Paid) Commands

These commands are enabled with a paid subscription ($5 per month). They are recommended for users who have large Discord servers, or need to translate to multiple languages at a time.




Auto translate messages for all or other accounts, by channel or server. Multiple languages can be set.

tr?autoall ja tr?autoall on ja tr?autoall ja #channel1 #channel2 tr?autoall on ja @user1 #channel1

Forward translations from one channel to another. tr?unlink does the opposite.

tr?link #channel-in #channel-out

Extract and translate text from images using optical character recognition (OCR)

tr?ocr ja [link or attachment]


Allows forwarding of all images/attachments to channels that are linked with tr?link

tr?images on

tr?images off

tr?images status

Other Features

Paid users can also set multiple languages at a time (per channel or server) for all auto translate commands.

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